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Twitch Streamer Review: Drunkenuff, Tex, OCB

Multi-Streamer Review

Each of these guys deserve a separate blog of their own, but I don't want to over-saturate my readers on one day and I also don't want to delay in giving these guys some love. So now I am going to touch a bit on each streamer and why I watch them and recommend them to you. These three are getting recommended to you since I am a fan of the game 7 Days to Die which they are playing primarily right now.


Drunkenuff was actually one of the first streamers I started watching regularly for the game 7 Days to Die. He in the month I began watching him spent nearly $6,000 in giveaways for his chat in gift cards and games. It was incredibly generous and I had a great time watching his stream.

Want to watch a "real" streamer? It doesn't get much more real than Drunk! He is an Army Vet and he will tell you exactly what is on his mind and not give a crap if he offends you for it. There is nothing fake about him, and you will know it just by watching him. Like others I've talked about, he'll take time for some 'real' talk too, and you can learn a lot by listening to his stories. By the way, I love that he does a beard tug for his new people. He has a glorious beard, so if you dig them... go check out his.

At the time of this blog, he has been playing 7 Days to Die, Conan, and Everquest. I watch him primarily for his 7 Days to Die play personally, but I've been having fun watching Conan as well. His mega builds in 7 Days to Die are incredible. He has his friends build some of the most massive bases in that game I've ever seen. Their kill pits were dug out down to bedrock (a very huge feat) and then they would build a tower in the center to make it easier to kill the hordes of zombies and not lose too much loot. There is some building going on in Conan as well right now, so if you are reading this at the time of me posting it you should have a good chance of getting into his stream and seeing those cool builds. Even Kismet claims that he was inspired by Drunk's building.

He doesn't take a lot of time off and you can find him streaming fairly regularly. He's pushing for his Partnership but has recently gotten his Affiliate so if you want to support him, go throw him some bit currency or a subscription! He enjoys chatting with his viewers so go give him a hello too.

Smite Discount (keyword: drunkenuff):



If you are looking for a more 'chill' type streamer, Tex is the one for you. His soft voice and easy speaking can calm you and really draw you into what he's doing. Just because he's a bit more mellow though, don't think he doesn't get his humor in there. For example, his chat currency is nutz. Yep... so go watch him and grab some nutz. ;) You can even grab/steal each other's nutz!

Tex as of the time of this blog just did a charity drive for Child's Play too and raised at least $1510 for the kids. His link is here: I'm happy and proud of him for doing this. Such a nice thing to help the kids! Have some spare money? Click the link and go throw some money at Child's Play too. :)

Tex does have a community sub server he plays on occasionally, as well as a 'stream' server where he plays with one or two friends, making the game that much harder and more of a challenge. He streams regularly so anytime I'm looking for a relaxing stream I enjoy turning onto Tex.

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This is a streamer I only recently discovered through a raid from one of the others I've talked about. I immediately liked him though, and found him to be quite a friendly guy. Not only is he a good streamer, but he personally came to me and said he liked my blogs and offered to spread them around. He didn't have to do this, and the fact he offered meant a whole lot to me. So here is my turn to throw the favor back at him!

I don't have a lot of personal stories/moments I can share about OCB (OilCityBattles) yet, but I'm sure in time I will. He has given me a laugh or two while playing with/modding for other streamers though, lol. He's very funny, he laughs heartily which can be contagious, and he's not afraid to throw a dirty joke out there sometimes. So do me a favor and go check him out and see for yourself if he is someone you can enjoy! I think he is.


Twitch Streamer Review: Banlish

Also mentioned in my other blog: here

I normally wait a bit between my Twitch Review blogs, but Kismet and Banlish come as a duo to me. As you saw in the other blog if you read it, they have inspired me in many ways.

Banlish is another streamer in the positive category. If you enjoy a streamer who laughs... Banlish will not disappoint as he has a genuine, full bodied one. He constantly shouts out other streamers and encourages you to check out new people or growing streamers. He helps other streamers toward their goal of partnership, and gives everyone valuable advice on a regular basis on successfully streaming. Did I mention that as of this blog, he has streamed over 600 days IN A ROW. No breaks, he has streamed every day now for over 600 days. That is incredibly impressive to not take a day off in all that time. His goal is 1000 days and I'm certain he'll make it. He has even pre-planned the ability to stream in his future travels, lol.

At the moment his main games appear to be 7 Days to Die and Dark and Light. He has also played a lot of Fallout. He plays on multi-player servers he runs with friends and his community. Want to be on his community server? You don't have to be subscribed to him. Just watch his channel (and maybe chat a bit) for about 12 hours total and then you're welcome! Why? Because he and his community want to get to know you a little bit before you join to help discourage trolls who just want to go in and make hell for the players. Don't be a dick, and you'll enjoy yourself in their communities.

Banlish often has giveaways too. I wont say how or well, because its up to you to be there to deserve it. However, I CAN say that if you are wanting a game, a gift card, or more... watching him regularly will increase your odds, and you WONT be bored in the meantime.

If you like to collect funny clips, Banlish is really good at making silly mistakes in his games or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I have a disgusting amount of clips from his stream that still make me laugh when I watch them again. He tries to keep a positive and PG-13 stream, but that doesn't mean we don't all laugh at a bit of innuendo on occasion there. Oh, and Banlish loves puns so be sure to share goods ones when you get in there (actually he hates puns, but we all love to torture him with them anyway.) He also has hilarious and trolling mods that enjoy picking on Banlish as much as they can (he trolls back, as good friends should.) Want to give him a good scare? Check his 'jump scare' donations list below his stream. Just get ready to be called a dick or bitch (in love) as he's recovering, hehe. Feel free to tell him Jessimi recommended the scare if you like. ;) Don't like jump scares? He also has some funny/quirky sound donations too!

If you like good life advice... Banlish has some golden gems to provide. He doesn't just give other streamers shout outs, but he gives us amazing advice too on the best ways to make your stream successful. Banlish also has advice on how to get out of debt too if you ask him privately. He can't tell you certain things specifically, but he can guide you in the right direction to help and trust me... is valuable advice. Want to hear some real talk? Banlish has a lot of stories from his life to share, and health struggles that a lot of us can relate to. Regardless of his health or injuries though... he STILL streams -every- day. That deserves a lot of respect. I hope I can be half the streamer he is when I get back into myself. Thanks to him and a few others, I think I'll have a solid head start again. Thank you Banlish.

So as with these reviews, if I had something I could recommend improvement on... it would be getting distracted. He sometimes goes off on a rant, or in the middle of talking he gets distracted in his game and then forgets to finish what he was saying. Its endearing but sometimes I just want to go: "Banlish, finish what you were saying!!!" because I was so enthralled in it, lol.

At this time he is primarily an early morning/afternoon streamer (PST) so if you want to catch him (as he's on EVERY day) you can find him around that time. Here are some other places online you can also find him or support him:

Amazon U.S. Referral: link

Twitch Streamer Review: Kismet

Mentioned also in my other blog: here

You can find him on Twitch

If you like positive streams and streamers, Kismet is up there with one of the MOST positive guys on Twitch. He's honest, he helps people with advice and networking, and he's relateable. He's also a graphic designer. As he tells his stream on occasion, due to his health condition... he could go to sleep one night and not wake up again; thus he lives each day to its fullest and enjoys the time he has. So many times I've heard a story from Kismet that jabbed me in the heart, or filled me with inspiration. He is also always full of energy, so watching his stream keeps me awake and interested. He also tends to "squirrel" as he calls it, and start rambling on something random or get distracted easily... we often laugh about this and he embraces it.

His art is great too, and you can see all sorts of really cool effects on his stream that you most likely wont see elsewhere on Twitch such as his 'stealth boy', 'love train' and 'bit cup dragon fire'. So if you are entertained by things like this, you'll adore his stream.

He plays a variety of games. At the time of this blog, his primary games are Fallout 4 and 7 Days to Die. The latter is what got me to start and continue watching him game wise. Similar to him, I hate zombies and scary movies... but 7 Days to Die is just unique in the fact you can get past the horror of the zombies and thoroughly still enjoy the game. He enjoys sandbox builder type games, and oh my goodness does he do an amazing job on his builds. He usually joins up with friends or fellow players on "teamwork" type servers he runs (he also has a community server) so these grand builds are a bit easier/quicker, but that doesn't make them any less impressive. If you want to learn how to build in one of these games, watching him will give you a ton of great tips.

As with most of these reviews, I try to pinpoint an area of "improvement" for the streamer. Kismet makes that hard, lol. So perhaps if there was anything to "improve" upon, it would be his squirreling... but I still find that endearing. His distractions do once in a while hurt his gaming or make him not finish a thought he was talking on, lol. Most of the time its just good for a laugh though, or you are in for a long talk with a golden piece of knowledge to take away with you.

He at this time is more of an evening/night (PST) streamer. He just recently got his partnership and well deserved in my opinion!! So I highly encourage you to go watch a stream or two of his, and then maybe consider giving him some support with a subscription. Even if you don't, just hanging out and watching helps him out and trust me, you wont find him boring. :)


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Anime/Cartoons Review: My Little Pony FIM

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Yes, this is a blog review about MLP (my little pony) and yes, I do like the show. I have watched it from start to current, including the movies. My age doesn't matter, and if that came to your mind, you should re-evaluate your way of thinking and wonder why you automatically shun something that could be entertaining, just because society says "you're too old to enjoy this."

As with ALL forms of entertainment and characters... yes, there is a creepy underground movement that likes to sexualize these characters. Look up anything you like (Mario, X-Files, Rugrats) and you'll find this disturbing trend. It is not just MLP that has this, and just because a fan is called a "brony" doesn't mean they fall into this creepy category.

The term Brony, "brother pony" or "bro pony", was created by fans as a way to find one another in a world that immediately throws hate at them. Yes, men like this show. So what? As you'll see later in this article, gender has nothing to do with appreciating what this show has to offer everyone. There is NOTHING wrong with a man liking MLP, or calling themselves a Brony. By the way, for the ladies out there, if you weren't aware... the female equivalent of Brony is called "Pegasister" (Pegasus Sister.)

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets move on to the reasons why this show is absolutely amazing.

The Art
The art style is done in a very 'cutesy' way, and yet if you look closer you can see SO much detail in all that vibrant color. There are also several characters made to look like famous stars who either get a voice part in the show or are fans of it. (Weird Al for example) I am a big fan of the endless amount of color in this show and the fact that no matter what scene I'm watching, there is something interesting to look at. The characters are all very unique as well, with the color combinations and "cutie marks" making each one different. I love this, and feel that it embraces the ideal of no matter our differences... we can still get along.

The Music
This is probably my favorite part of this show, but it might not be for everyone. There are several times throughout the series where the characters break out in song, similar to Disney or Musicals. Its mostly 'pop' style songs, but you'll get your alternatives in there sometimes too (Rap, Polka, Blues) and I adore it. I cannot speak anymore highly of the music than I'm writing right here, and I recommend people give the show a try even if only to hear some amazing songs.

The Story
The concept of this version of MLP is obviously focused around "friendship." Throughout the series, we get to see both the struggles and enlightenment of the characters as they are challenged with the obstacles of friendship. Sometimes, its not easy to make or even keep a friend. This show provides endless amounts of moral teachings in an entertaining way about friendship. I even learned a few things watching it, and was able to relate to several of the characters and their struggles. For example, the main character Twilight, starts out in the show as a hermit and literally has panic attacks at the very idea of having friends. She preferred her solitude and the safety it gave. I was like this as well in my younger years, and watching Twilight break out of her shell and find the value of having friends brought me to tears because her struggle was my struggle. This show might be mostly quirky and cute... but it really does have some very deep moments that will make you think and feel.

The Characters
This blog would run on endlessly if I were to talk about all the characters in this show. There are at least a hundred unique ones throughout the series. So instead, I'll touch on some of my own personal favorites in the series. Be warned, discussing some of these characters could be a spoiler for you if you have not yet reached that point in the series.

(Voice: Andrea Libman) 
*also voices Pinkie Pie
This is my favorite character in the show. I relate to her on a personal level in many ways. She is a shy, timid pony who doesn't like to speak up or interrupt others even if she has something important to say. Her struggles are based around finding her inner courage and the self-confidence to speak up when she has something to say. Her 'character' is also the personification of 'Kindness' and she is always treating people how she would want to be treated, no matter who they are. This later connects with another favorite character of mine 'Discord.' She also loves and takes care of animals as her job and hobby.

Twilight Sparkle
This is the "main" character in the series. Mind you, the group of ponies are actually all the main characters, but at the start of the series the show focuses on following Twilight as she gets to Ponyville and learns to make friends. She was relatable for me in the way I already described above. It doesn't hurt that my favorite color is purple either, hehe. Twilight is a scholar and a student of Queen Celestia. She has a baby dragon companion named Spike who aids her in her journies. She starts out friendless, too focused on studies and work to make time to try to have friends. We then get to see her grow as she learns lessons about having friends and the struggles and values that come along with keeping them.

Princess Luna
This is possibly the most tragic character in the series. She broke my heart several times and I often found myself relating to her struggles and her way of thinking. We get to see a few different transformations from her, good and bad. I can't say too much about her here without giving away spoilers, which I don't wish to do. Easily however, Luna could have been my favorite character in place of Fluttershy... but Fluttershy won me out.

(Voice: John de Lancie)

Love him or hate him, this is a character that will never get boring. He starts out in the show as a villian, but you get to see a bit more about him later on in the series. This character makes me laugh more than any other and I personally love his personality. He only gets better and better as the show goes on, and I often find that my favorite episodes tend to include him.

The other main characters in the series are:
Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Queen Celestia, Spike.

Pinkie Pie was one of my least favorite characters in the show, because I found her a bit too high energy and never taking anything serious. However, she grew on me over time as I got to learn more about her past and her family. Rarity is an interesting character that I often go back and forth on if I like her. She's definitely one of the prettiest of the characters to me however. Applejack is fun and quirky... even though I find her to be a bit TOO honest sometimes (which is noted to be a flaw at times in the show.) Rainbow Dash is another character I couldn't relate to very much, but she always makes me laugh. I adore her quest for coolness and the fact that she represents loyalty, which is important to me. Queen Celestia is the ruler of the land, and an absolute beauty art wise. We don't get to know too much about her until a special that goes over the story of her and her sister Luna. Spike is a 'side kick' type character and mostly there for comic relief, but I adore the fact that we get to see his growth sometimes when he has to face his fears, or embrace who he is. And his crush on Rarity is absolutely adorable.

So there you have a brief (haha... yes, brief) overview of some of the characters in the show. That is by far no where near all of them. As the show goes on, new "main" characters show up as well. We also get several episodes with guest celebrity appearances which are always amazing (such as Wierd Al, William Shatner and Felicia Day for example.) There is a character in this show for everyone. A fan favorite is "Derpy Hooves" (named by fans on the Internet) who was seen in an early episode with a slightly 'off' eye. Fans fell in love with her and she became a permanent addition to the show even though she'd been intended to just be background in the start.

I highly recommend this show. Don't be close minded. If you HAVE to... just watch it in secret and don't let anyone know. Appreciate it for the magic that it is. I can't speak any higher of this show than I already have, and I'm very happy to have it in my life. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoyed it!

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Twitch Streamer Review: Aurora_Peachy


I'm going to review and discuss a streamer on Twitch who I try to watch every day if I'm up early enough. Aurora_Peachy!

She is a very positive person, funny, and caring about her community. She lives with her husband "Mr. P" as we call him, and her step daughter "Mini P" as well as her many adorable dogs. Her primary game on Twitch is Guild Wars 2, but you can also see her playing variety games with her Twitch friend BogOtter as well. She has played Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy, Blade and Soul, PUBG, and many indie games.

Her stream theme is peaches, with her viewers said to be the peaches in her peach orchard. Her different sub levels include Exotic Peaches, Ascended Peaches, and Legendary Peaches and the icon for them in chat are adorable. She keeps a positive, pg-13 atmosphere in her stream and encourages everyone to treat each other kindly. Malicious trolling or rudeness gets you a quick ban out of the community. A little friendly trolling is fine though, and you'll sometimes see her mods or long time subs trolling her with her $21 Katy Perry donation sound, or her $6.66 jump scare donation sound.

If you don't like to see girls cry, Peachy might not be the stream for you. She cries... a lot. But her tears are always genuine from happiness, sadness, frustration... she's an open book with her emotions and honest about them. I personally like that about her, but I know that it might make some people (men in particular) uncomfortable if she starts crying. Most of her tears come from happiness... such as kindness shown from her community, or the excitement of a new release of something she loves.

Peachy doesn't only do Twitch though. How I first discovered her was actually on YouTube, with Sailor Moon Crystal reaction videos. I watched her laugh, cry, scream... and I quickly adored her. I watched every single Sailor Moon video she made, partly because I'm also a fan of Sailor Moon, but also because she just so easily draws you in to experience and feel what she's feeling. There are also Guild Wars 2 videos, and others on her channel you can check out as well. I regret that I hadn't found her on Twitch sooner than I did seeing as how I watched her so much on YouTube.

If you play Guild Wars 2, I encourage you to watch her streams or even join in with her party. She encourages people to join her guild and dance along on her 'Peachy Party' streams with her, as she does giveaways or raids or questing. As long as you are friendly and don't troll or backseat game her, you'll likely have a good chance to join in with her on a random variety of games.

Peachy has also done several streams that donate and encourage donations to charity. For all the generosity she receives, she gives it back ten fold, and I very much respect her for that. I hope one day when I start streaming, I can be even a fraction of the wonderful person that Peachy is.

You can learn more about Peachy with the following links, and I highly suggest following her on all her social media's to keep up with her content, which she is very active with posting. Thanks for reading this review!

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