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Personal: What a Year

Hey everyone! If you are still reading these... thank you! I apologize deeply for dropping the ball on making regular blogs, but its been a very busy year and I just couldn't find the muse to write. Allow me now however to give you a personal update on my life, and also announce that I will be blogging again very soon. So look forward to more Twitch blogs, Game blogs, Anime blogs and more.

The first announcement on my life I am happy to share is that I finally got my new car! I say "new" lightly though, as its very old and has a ton of problems... haha. But it works, it'll get me out of town if needed, and I love it. Having the freedom to travel is liberating and relieves a lot of that feeling of being trapped here as my old car couldn't make it even to the next town without breaking down. With this new car, I also get more opportunity to find work, so wish me luck. The car has a lot of electrical issues... only one window in the back goes down, the radio doesn&#…

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