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Twitch: Sub-a-thons Blog "Sub-a-thon Events"
Streamers do a lot of interesting things to try to get more viewers and subscribers into their channel. Over the years I've seen a lot of techniques, but one that is gaining a trend is the 'sub-a-thon'. What this is in simple terms, is some kind of extended stream opportunity for new subs. New subscribers end up (usually) adding time to a clock which extends how long the streamer will stream that day. This gives the viewers a bit of control of the streamer that day, which lets them have direct interactions with the streamer in a sense. Its a genius "event" and every time I have seen one done it has been successful for that streamer, even if only a little. Usually though... a lot.

I'm going to share some of the techniques I've seen used during sub-a-thons and why I think they work or don't work. Hopefully this information can help you do a sub-a-thon of your own with success, or even improve the ones you alre…

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