Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reality TV

I'm a fan. Though there are some that make me groan or shake my head, I still enjoy most of them. One of the newer ones I've been enjoying is Opposite Worlds. I think this show has a lot of potential for future seasons, and is very entertaining in its first. They split a house in two, separated by a glass wall. One side is the future: high tech, great food, more options than you'd know what to do with in every spot of the house, clean and pure white everything. The other side is made to look like a cave: cold, only furs/skins for bedding and warmth, they have to create fire for heat and cooking, they are limited to basic foods of carrots, potatoes and meat carcasses... as well as going to the bathroom in a hole. The two teams compete to choose to be in the past or the future (naturally inclined to be in the future.) They also compete for who goes home each week. Its a great show and I highly recommend it.

I enjoy other 'reality' shows too, such as King of the Nerds, Survivor, Big Brother, Project Runway, Ice Road Truckers, Alaska: The Last Frontier and more. Some I enjoy for the realness, others I enjoy for the entertainment (and know that they're often scripted.)

I don't like shows that prey on people however. Biggest Loser? I think it'd be a better show if they didn't send someone home. Keep all of them the entire time and award the biggest loser... then it'd be worth watching. Honey Boo Boo? Its meant to make fun of them for a laugh... not my style of show. Jersey Shore... awful. Bachelor is a joke, mostly scripted, and now mostly for the shock value.

Some of my favorites are the ones that seem the most real, whether in how the people act, or the situations they are in. Alaska: The Last Frontier is one of my favorites, because you get a look into these people's real everyday lives and what's required for them to survive. They hold nothing back for sensitivity... you see them kill, butcher, etc. where most shows would spare the viewer.

I know there are Reality TV haters out there, and to each their own. I'm just saying... I'm not one of them ;)