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*These blogs will contain constructive criticism of my own opinion and does not reflect what the streamer does or supports. They are my own humble opinions on things that could be improved upon.


I started watching this streamer when she was bane1271 at her channel on January 29, 2015. However, I first saw her on a stream called HowReRoll where she and fellow streamers were streaming D&D. Back then, she had blue and purple hair... it was my first impression of her and it was amazing. I then got to see over time her role play abilities, which included making me both laugh and cry. She made me completely fall in love with her characters, and their hardships felt real to me, drawing out the same emotion I'd get from reading a book or watching a movie.

Then I started to watch her individual stream. Back then, she was a variety gaming stream, including World of Warcraft, The Sims 4, Talisman, Unravel, and other indie games that I later decided to try simply because they looked fun watching her play them. Some of her special stream days included: "Mellow Monday", "The Hunger Games: The Sims", and "Tasty Beverage Friday". In my opinion, this streamer is completely under appreciated, and I highly recommend her stream and content if you are looking for quality entertainment and a genuine personality.

(Psst, here is a stream of her and a fellow streamer Lady_Orange singing: YouTube )

Things are not always perfect for Bane however. It is explained to her viewers that she suffers from chronic pain issues, and regularly has to take stretch breaks every hour or half hour, depending on the pain severity that day. You can tell sometimes when she is really struggling, because it shows on her face no matter how hard she attempts to hide it. Some people might get frustrated with the constant breaks, but I found myself able to relate to her struggles. With chronic pain issues myself, I admired her ability to stream and keep entertaining people despite how she was feeling. A real woman, with real problems... and the ability to overcome them and follow her dreams regardless. I highly respect that kind of commitment.

If I have to add some constructive criticism for this streamer, it would probably be her strict nature against "troll" chatters. She has a zero tolerance policy for trolls, and doesn't consider unbanning them from her channel in the future either. From the streams I have watched, I think that a balance of strictness, and tolerance is needed to grow your community. Sometimes a troll will initially join with the intent to be a jerk, but then come to like the streamer and their content and "reform" to become a regular viewer. I've seen this personally happen many times since I joined Twitch. That said however, I think that by being as strict as she is, she creates a quality atmosphere for her chatters where they don't have to be annoyed by those just coming in to cause trouble. So who is to say that she shouldn't be as strict as she is, if it is working for her community?

As of this year, 2017, Bane changed her channel over to 'BaneWares'. Her content switched from variety gaming, to creative content. You can now find her streaming projects she makes, such as crocheting, or clay work. She also shares a personal look into "All the Things" she's collected over time, from huge yarn collections to projects she delayed finishing. Bane also does a segment called 'Create Your Own Happiness' (CYOH) once a week where she explains to the community how she is organizing her life and pursuing her goals. However, she isn't just sharing this for herself, but guiding those interested in doing the same in their lives. Her Patreons get planner print outs to use of their own, and recaps of the episodes of CYOH she's already done. It is a positive stream that I highly recommend to others if you are looking for guidance and accountability on achieving goals in your life. I've personally benefited from it, and you wouldn't be reading these blogs if it wasn't for her encouraging me to follow my dreams too.

In conclusion, I very much recommend BaneWares if you are a creative person, or looking for a real streamer to watch and interact with. She deserves a much higher viewer base than she currently has, as well as Twitch Partnership.

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