Politics: President Trump & His First Week

I try to avoid politics on Facebook and with personal friends or family, because it often leads to something ugly happening. I've lost friends in the past over political disagreements. If you are wondering, I am a liberal socialist, who voted for Bernie Sanders and agreed with most of his ideals. So you can imagine that when Donald Trump won the Presidency, I was more than a bit shocked.

Its been a week into his Presidency now, or perhaps a better way to say that is his reign? He has used and pushed his political power and agenda faster than I expected. What he is doing isn't much of a shock to me, as I saw his true nature long ago. How -fast- he is doing it is what caught me off guard. I really expected him to be fairly lazy and just delay things in office the way the Republican house and senate often did. Not sign things into law with the passion of Light Yagami and his Death Note (anime reference.)

He wasted no time attacking women, Mexicans, and Muslims. Yes, to some readers the word "attack" probably comes off as strong, but to the people affected that word might actually not be strong enough. At least we are seeing America, and the rest of the world, rise up and fight against these injustices. I weep at the stories and images I see of immigrants being treated this way, illegal or not. Even those with their legal visas are being turned away from the country, or attacked by extremists in the streets. In fact, I just saw a story of a Muslim woman getting attacked at an airport. They are legal citizens, but people so terrified of the "Muslim monsters" only do snap judgments by looks and what Muslim's wear. These are perfectly innocent people. And they are only one of many, MANY, incidences increasingly occurring now.

When the President of the United States leads people to believe these things, many people follow it. I like to think most Americans are more independent thinkers than that, but you can't deny that the rise in hate crimes correlates in timing with President Trump's actions. He is not the only one making these mistakes though. Anyone in Congress who are not stepping up to advise him differently are adding to the problem. The more he thinks that he is right, while in power, the more of this we are going to see. And again... we're only a week into his power.


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